Book: Allan Ramsay and the Search for Horace’s Villa

Allan Ramsay and the Search for Horace's Villa, edited by Bernard D. Frischer and Iain Gordon Brown with contributions by Bernard Frischer, Iain Gordon Brown, Patricia R. Andrew, John Dixon Hunt and Martin Goalen (Ashgate, London, 2001). ISBN 0754600041. Published with the assistance of the Getty Grant Program.
The Sabine Villa of the Roman poet Horace, celebrated in his verse as an arcadia of rural simplicity and contentment, was a place embedded in the Western consciousness both as an ideal and as an actual, physical site. The location of the villa was fixed by seventeenth-century scholraship as lying most probably in the hills north-east of Tivoli. For the British in particular the Sabine farm had a special resonance, and by the age of the Grand Tour its general district came to be visited by enterprising travellers. Foremost among these was the great Scottish portrait painter Allan Ramsay, who was distinguished also as a classical scholar, archaeologist and man of letters. Ramsay's account of the villa in its landscape - both actual and 'literary' - is published here for the first time. Preceding the text are eight studies by experts on Horace's Villa, Ramsay, and the other topics addressed by Ramsay's text. Frischer, B., 2001. "Ramsay's 'Enquiry': Text and Context," in Allan Ramsay and the Search for Horace's Villa, edited by B.D. Frischer and I.G. Brown (Ashgate, Aldershot) 73-107. View Document

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